Relocate To Canada: Step 1 – Is Emigrating To Canada A Good Idea?

By Zarelsie Van Der Merwe on Sep 8,2022

Immigration Issues & Challenges

Considering leaving your current country to emigrate to Canada, wondering whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea?

You are not alone in having doubts. Immigration is a very big, scary process, and considering your options of the best country, and whether Canada is a good option, should be weighed up carefully.

In the next 5 minutes, I will walk you through how to finally decide whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea and how to avoid making a big mistake by basing your decisions on emotional factors only.

First, how do you find out whether Canada is a good option for you?

Well, there are two ways to decide whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea:

The Emotional-Roller-Coaster-Ride-Immigration-Decision About Emigrating To Canada

This is based on making an emotional decision, based on a few facts, a lot of feelings, and others’ opinions.

This involves reacting to things that are happening around you now, that we call “push factors.”  This may include an unsafe environment for your family, lots of unrest, and upheaval. Here is an example of this way of making decisions:

In June 2021, South Africa experience a high level of civil unrest.  Shopping malls and even private suburbs were plundered by violent mobs. People lived in fear, and it resulted in many more South Africans than normally would, considering emigration.

At this time, a much larger number of people in South Africa considered whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea.

As you can see in the Google Trends graph below of Google searches for “emigrate to Canada” and “immigrate to Canada” from South Africa, many people considered this option during this time of unrest to move to Canada.

These searches spiked during this time.

Google searches for “immigrate to Canada” by people inside South Africa, spiked during the unrest in South Africa

Many people felt the stress of this upheaval and considered whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea.

This kind of upheaval and unpleasant environment in your own country is a sign of whether you should consider immigrating.

It is driven by emotional and fearful factors, and it is NOT the way that I recommend that such a big decision is made.

This brings me to the way in which you SHOULD be making these decisions.

2. The Objective Immigration Decision

Considering whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea, should be made in an objective way.

It is not possible to make a 100% objective decision, because we are human, and emotions influence decisions in a big way.

Therefore, when we work with VIP clients in this part of the process, we try to get the emotions out of the way and work with facts.

We take them through making a decision to emigrate, checking eligibility, getting skills assessments done, documents ready, helping them find a job (no matter how long it takes), and providing visa services through licensed immigration advisers, and settlement information and support

Therefore, we use a tool that deals with facts while helping them make this big decision.

It is called the Big Decision Tool to help immigrants make immigration decisions and it has helped scores of our VIP clients to make the big decision about whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea.

3. Emigrating To Canada Using The Big Decision Tool

You would have seen me talk about, present, and explain how the Big Decision Tool works during our many webinars and other videos.

Download the Big Decision Tool here (spreadsheet) to use it yourself and aid in your decision to decide whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea.

Emigration To Canada – The Big Decision Tool

Here is how the big decision tool works:

  • Make a list of your reasons for emigrating to Canada (or any other country for that matter) in order of importance. For example, if personal safety and security is the number one consideration, give it a place as number one on your list of reasons for wanting to emigrate. Add an importance score between 1 and 5 to each reason. List the reasons on the left of the tool.
  • List the countries that you are considering emigrating to across the top of the Big Decision Tool. If you are confused about which country is best for you, this tool is a great way to figure out which country will best suit the needs of your family, scored against your individual objective reasons.
  • Now research your list of reasons in each country. For example, if personal safety and security is a very important reason for you, and you are considering emigrating to Canada, research factors such as crime levels, unemployment levels (which can lead to crime), incidences of public unrest, trust in police and authority, law and order, etc. Repeat this process for each reason and each country that you are considering emigrating to.
  • Now, total up the scores for each country.
  • Now, you will have an objective way of determining which country or countries are the best for you to emigrate to, considering your own reasons.

In this way you are guaranteeing two important things:

  • Considering your own and your family’s reasons for immigration. This means that you are not completely influenced by the “flavour of the season” and where and why others are immigrating, and
  • You are considering the best options for you and your family, among a few countries to emigrate to.


This Big Decision Tool provides a wonderful way to make objective immigration decisions and consider whether emigrating to Canada is a good idea.

It is exceedingly difficult to make factual decisions in an emotional state but considering your options in this way will take some of the emotion out of the way and prevent you from making the wrong decisions that are not based on fact.

It will also reduce the risk of making bad decisions…

We provide hand-holding assistance for immigrants worldwide, immigrating to anywhere, helping them to become successful citizens, guiding, supporting, and inspiring them through all these difficult processes – until they are safely employed and settled in their new country – no matter how long it takes.

IMPORTANT: If you need our hand-holding assistance, complete our questionnaire here so we can gather your information, and check where you are in the process, what you are finding difficult and how to help you to the best of our ability.


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