We weren't asking the right questions!

“We decided in March that we would explore the possibilities of immigrating.

We are the type of people who research a lot before we attempt to make decisions, and this is exactly how we approached immigrating.

We quickly found that we were attracted to the lifestyle and opportunity that New Zealand offered and we started applying for jobs via the normal websites.

Soon we realized we were getting a lot of the standard responses: “We like what we see, but you need a visa before you can apply for jobs in New Zealand.”

Research brought us to the Migrant Mentor. We signed up for the starter package, which included a lot of useful information that we hadn’t come across anywhere else.

In the meantime we decided we wanted to visit and see the country for ourselves before moving our family over.

So we booked a trip and made haste to watch and implement everything we learned from the videos quickly.

We had a Skype chat with Zarelsie where we also learned so much about the country and how different New Zealand’s way of working is.

We opted for a package with the Q Jumper Factor that helped us with a skills assessment, a New Zealand CV and a research report on each of our industries.

It included so many facts, statistics and helpful information that we never would have been able to get ourselves.

We weren’t asking the right questions! We didn’t know what to look for or where to look.

At the end of April we arrived in Auckland. We had set up interviews and gave ourselves only one week to get everything done.

Zarelsie met up with us on our first day here and assisted us with preparation for the interviews while in South Africa and when we landed.

She gave us some useful information and motivation. By the end of the week I walked away with multiple job offers.

We were able to tell the employers we were document ready and went back to South Africa to apply for visas.

I received my written job offer from my chosen employer and then the employer assisted with an immigration specialist to assist with the visa application process.”

Daryl Du Preez

Robotic Technician

South Africa


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