I must admit that I was sceptical to start off with...

“A big thank you to Zarelsie for all her advice and support during my job hunt experience.

The information and support were invaluable during my job search.  Her mentoring and training videos provide “hands-on” practical advice on how to network and promote yourself to the job market.

Job boards and the “scattergun” approach of sending hundreds of CV’s out isn’t always the best method to go about finding a job in NZ.

Targeted and focused networking with the right decision makers is invaluable.  Zarelsie helped me to nurture these skills and I was able to secure a job offer after being a month in NZ.

I must admit that I was sceptical to start off with and couldn’t see how this program would benefit me.  We were disillusioned about the entire NZ job hunting process and thought that we could make it on our own.  After my first consultation with Zarelsie, it was clear that our preconceptions about job hunting was entirely misinformed and misunderstood.

I am extremely grateful that we took the plunge with Zarelsie’ s support on our side. I would highly recommend Zarelsie for her training and support.  We were never alone in this process and having someone to talk to in difficult times is of immeasurable value.

Thanks, Zarelsie! Hope to see you soon!”

Conrad Fourie

Water Supply Operations Manager

South Africa


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