Lilla experienced the same anxious, doubtful and terrifying challenges which all immigrant job seekers face. 

“Lilla contacted us from her old country, South Africa, in April 2018, about finding a senior position in the Tertiary Education sector, in New Zealand.

She only had limited time left to qualify for residence and she was concerned about the “no replies on CV sending” issue, even as a PhD qualified and internationally experienced professional.

Lilla has family in New Zealand and had previously travelled to New Zealand and made connections, but was also unsure about how to present herself in the correct level in the sector, identify and connect the right people and how to ultimately engage with the right people, to gain the trust and confidence of connections in New Zealand, which is demanded at such a high level.

She joined our Q Jumper Factor VIP Program, had her Strategic Immigrant’s CV created for a specific, targeted slice of the Education sector job market which suited her niche qualifications and previous experience well.  She followed the given instructions on who to connect to and how to engage.

Soon, Lilla was on her way, interacting, engaging, and having conversations with many people, at the level required to land the relevant job.

Lilla experienced the same anxious, doubtful and terrifying challenges which all immigrant job seekers face.  Overwhelm and confusion are initially the biggest enemies.

But, pushing through this uncertainty and anxiety (about limited time) with patience, persistence, perseverance and following the correct process again, and again…she made breakthroughs and had several interviews within three months.

Lilla has now received a suitable job offer, in the target market which she was after, has received her work visa, and an invitation to apply for residence, and is happily reunited and joining her family and only grandchild in New Zealand.

Congratulations Lilla!

You are the epitome of determination and grit – showing that you can be very competitive, at a “well advanced” age group, competing for prestige jobs at your highly qualified and experienced level, as an immigrant.

Our country has gained a discerned professional, who will add value of immense proportion and worth to the Tertiary Education field.

Enjoy your new life, and your family in New Zealand”

Dr Lilla Du Toit

Team Lead Academic Support

South Africa


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