A great buy and well worth the money!

“I have been working at my present job for 7 years and felt it was time to update my Curriculum Vitae.

Even though it had been good enough to get me all the interviews to positions I applied when I first arrived in the country, it really needed a revamp.

This is where Zarelsie’s book came in.

I have always done the usual – this is my history and this is what I can do, always thinking the more pages I can fill the better. But this book opened my eyes to a completely new idea….. that less is more – but here is the catch.

The “less” has to “fit” the job you want and your skill set.

My new Curriculum Vitae is amazing.

I have had great feedback.

This is just one section in the book that I have used. It covers off so much more.

A great buy and well worth the money!”


Erin Lyon

Auckland, New Zealand


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