I strongly recommend serious job seekers to invest in this program!

“As Licensed Immigration Adviser one of the biggest challenges we have is for clients to obtain skilled job offers, which will make them eligible for residence in New Zealand. Without being invited for an interview by employers the candidates have no chance in reaching their dreams.

I heard about the Q –Jumper Factor and have recommended the program to some of my clients.

The Q-Jumper Factor – The Ultimate Guide To Landing A Job In Your New Country In Record Time, is a comprehensive guide and valuable resource to any aspiring migrant looking to land a job in their new country.  It provides all the information, in clear detail on how to create a CV and tactically designed LinkedIn profile to attract jobs and opportunities abroad, beating the competition, even while still offshore and even how to approach employers in their new country directly while also touching on how to approach their immigration journey with the right attitude and motivation.  This is a must-have guide for any aspiring immigrant who wants to outwit their competition and get to the front of the job queue.”

I strongly recommend serious job seekers to invest in this program!”



Jan Barnard

Licenced Immigration Adviser

Auckland, New Zealand


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