Q Jumper Factor Masterclass – Platinum Edition

  • Access to an exclusive, closed Facebook group with likeminded individuals where you will be able to ask any questions and receive free support from us.
  • Access to a bank of international jobs, specially advertised for immigrant job seekers, updated regularly.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions for a lifetime where you can ask any questions relating to job hunting as an immigrant job seeker.

Q-Jumper Factor Masterclass – Basic Edition

The leading programme has been specifically designed for immigrant job hunters to help this discover the fastest and easiest way to land a job in their new country… in record time.

In this programme you will learn how to:

    • Create a strategic immigrant’s CV and cover letter – which will have employers and recruiters notice you and get you to the interview stage, IN FRONT of other candidates in the job queue.
    • Develop a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile– which make you visible online when recruiters and employers search for talent online and bring you jobs and opportunities from your new country, while you sleep – even if you are still in your old country.
    • Build key connections in your new country which will expose you to the hidden job market –the 70% of jobs that are never advertised and increase your chances to land a job as an immigrant job seeker by a great margin.


To All Immigrant

JOb Seekers

Free video series: How To Avoid The Seven Deadly Job Hunting Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Immigration Dreams