Q-Jumper Factor Masterclass – Basic Edition

Regarded worldwide as the leading ‘Job Finding” programme – Q Jumper Factor Masterclass Basic Edition has been specifically designed for immigrant job hunters to help this discover the fastest and easiest way to land a job in their new country… in record time.

In this programme you will learn how to:

  • Create a strategic immigrant’s CV and cover letter – which will have employers and recruiters notice you and get you to the interview stage, IN FRONT of other candidates in the job queue.
  • Develop a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile– which make you visible online when recruiters and employers search for talent online and bring you jobs and opportunities from your new country, while you sleep – even if you are still in your old country.
  • Build key connections in your new country which will expose you to the hidden job market –the 70% of jobs that are never advertised and increase your chances to land a job as an immigrant job seeker by a great margin.
  • Grow & build close and effective relationships with your connections in your new country to get shoulder taps and offered opportunities, without having to advertise for jobs using the outdated and ineffective scattergun approach and which will create a foundation for future career growth.
  • Master any interview as an immigrant job seeker, even tricky Skype interviews.
  • Use virtually unknown but highly effective job search strategies which 99% of immigrants are unaware of.
  • Apply your attitude and intrinsic motivators to overcome the common obstacles that immigrant job seekers face – and which they are unaware of – to land a job faster and easier without getting discouraged by rejections.
  • And much, much more.

Inside Q Jumper Factor basic Edition you will receive:

  • 12 Videos– over 3 hours of step by step instructions, click by click video training on the topics above
  • Strategic Immigrant’s CV Template and example
  • Immigrant’s Cover letter and example
  • The full length book “The Q-Jumper Factor – The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job In Your New Country in Record Time”

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