Do-It-Yourself Strategic Immigrant’s CV Creator

You can easily pay US$500 to have someone create a “general” CV for you,

  • is that a strategic immigrant’s CV?
  • Does that get you to the front of the job queue – in front of other global and local candidates?

Discover our step by step program teaching you to create your own strategic immigrant’s CV and cover letter – which will have employers and recruiters notice you and get you to the interview stage, IN FRONT of other candidates in the job queue.

  • a fraction of the cost of having someone create a “general” CV for you, AND
  • earn this unique skill – FOR LIFE – so that you can apply it to as many jobs applications as you wish, throughout your future career

DIY Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile

Discover in this program how to create your own unique immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile, which will turn your dead, invisible LinkedIn Profile into a 24/7 job hunting machine which will bring you jobs, shoulder taps and opportunities from your new country – instead of you chasing after them.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Create a unique immigrant’s LinkedIn profile,
  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile for the search engines so you feature online in searches
  • Create a network of key connections and
  • Use your profile and connections to build key relationships with those connections to become the knowledgeable, known, enthusiastic and interested PERSON (NOT IMMIGRANT) who
  • becomes visible when employers and recruiters search for someone online and who is
  • already at the forefront of employers and recruiter’s minds when they have a position to fill immediately.


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