Just less than 2 weeks later – Penny had 2 interviews and a job offer!

“Another sweet success…

I met Penny in early 2018, as she was trying to find a job offer in New Zealand.

Penny had been struggling for a while (add number of months/years), to find a job as an immigrant – unsuccessfully. She had been sending numerous CVs to countless jobs…without much luck.  She sounded desperate and worried.

Due to the requirements of occupational registration, which disqualified her from obtaining her “usual” type position, Penny’s skills had to be slightly re-purposed to fit a slightly different niche in her industry.  And she was unsure whether this was possible.

We set to work…delivered as possible her list of potential suitable employers (who want people like her), her new re-purposed Strategic CV, new optimised Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile, and her training about the Unique Immigrant’s Job Finding Strategies – to an anxious Penny

…and I was ready to start her 6 weeks of intensive coaching…

but wait…

Penny had other ideas…she was off with a BANG!

Before we could even think about scheduling coaching calls and asking if she implemented the first steps in the Q Jumper Factor VIP Program – Penny was at step …10!

She learned the Unique Immigrant’s Job Finding Strategies, started implementing them : connected, established relationships, applied for relevant jobs with her re-purposed Strategic Immigrant’s CV to those potential employers which we highlighted for her, in her industry, and who are willing to recruit and employ immigrants like her!

Just less than 2 weeks later – Penny had 2 interviews and a job offer!

And yesterday, she started her now job.

Job offer process finished, work visa approved, …new life started and the “dream of a better life” achieved for this young, bright family, in their new country!

Congratulations Penny – you did not just execute perfectly – you did it in record time!

Being proactive, engaged, involved, following through and being positive, enabled you to learn quick and implement even faster – and therefore your success was not denied.

Your new employer has struck gold in you.

Enjoy life in New Zealand!”

Penny-Laine Calitz

Counsellor | Youth Support Consultant

South Africa


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