To my surprise I managed to find work within two months!

“Before signing up with Zarelsie’s program. I feared that I would be wasting my time and money. I was concerned that the program won’t teach me the skills I needed. I wanted some sort of guarantee.

To my surprise I managed to find work within two months into the program and despite the Covid lockdown and because of my coach and others in this community I kept on pursuing the dream. I kept on building those success habits as taught in the program.

We are now one month in our new country and still counting our blessings daily. The program not only taught me how to find work abroad, but so much more. For example, networking, connecting etc. all of which I am using within my new role. A worthwhile investment in my view.

One thing that I can say to anyone thinking of signing up, is just to do it, and don’t give up. Don’t overthink it, like I did.”

Melvin Engelbrecht

Civil Associate Engineer

South Africa


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