Thank you Zarelsie my family and I will forever be grateful to you

“I finally had the pleasure of meeting this remarkable woman over the past weekend who changed me and my family’s life forever.

I started my journey with Zarelsie a year ago in June 2017 when my family and I decided to explore the possibility of immigrating to New Zealand. Luckily for me Zarelsie started working with me right in the beginning before I made the mistake of applying for every position possible.

I logged in to one of her webinars and immediately after opted to buy the VIP Q Jumper Package which assisted me in highlighting the right skills, build a New Zealand CV and LinkedIn Profile and also to network and research my industry.

This strategy included so much information which I would never been able to get on my own. My family and I arrived in March 2018 to meet with the networks I have made. My husband and I gave ourselves two weeks which in reality is not much time for me to find a job but I was positive because I knew I was working with the best and that I was following the right process.

I kept following this strategy and exactly a month later on the 17 May 2018 I was given my written job offer with an incredible company who assisted with our entire relocation to New Zealand.

My family and I now living in this beautiful country for the past three months. I can say that had I not followed this process we would still be sitting in SA using the scatter gun approach and getting no results.

Zarelsie is now working with my husband and I am positive there will be results very soon.

Thank you Zarelsie my family and I will forever be grateful to you.”

Kim Damonze

People & Capability Officer

South Africa


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