Speaking Engagements

Zarelsie is known as the Migration Mentor and rather than speaking about immigrants, she speaks to immigrants. She focuses on providing mentoring & guidance to new immigrants relating to finding jobs, dealing with the challenges and frustration of integrating into their new country.

Zarélsie is available for public speaking events, presentations and live training sessions in topics are relevant to her work as a migration mentor:

-helping immigrants overcome the obstacles in finding jobs as migrants in their new country and presenting informative training and presentations in:

  • creating a strategic CV and cover letter, fit for an immigrant job seeker,
  • creating a LinkedIn profile, unique to an immigrant job seeker and which will act as a job hunting machine, even while immigrants are still offshore,
  • teaching specific job search strategies which is unique to immigrant job hunting,
  • doing well at interviews – which is challenging for immigrants in a new country
  • and using their intrinsic motivation and attitude to push through the obstacles immigrant job seekers face

-dealing with the emotional and psychological factors of immigration, such as

  • adapting to a new culture, environment and social circle,
  • social acceptance and overcoming discrimination,
  • helping children through immigration,
  • dealing with depression, anxiety and other psychological aspects brought on by the stress of immigration.


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