Hengu Willemse - Zarelsie Van der Merwe

Hengu Willemse approached us in March 2018, as a senior fraud and forensic detective, qualified to Master’s level in Forensic Science, in South Africa – and had his sights set on a new life in New Zealand, with his partner.

Hengu’s partner moved to New Zealand and he had to find a job, as a skilled migrant, initially, from a distance.

A big obstacle loomed in Hengu’s way – he could not join the New Zealand Police (his first choice), although he was highly qualified and experienced in his niche.  (Residence or citizenship is required).

Hengu joined our Q Jumper Factor VIP Program in March 2018.

Therefore, we had to re-purpose Hengu’s transferable skills for a completely different market – in the private sector, or in a position where residence or citizenship were not required, but where he could still apply specialist investigative skills in another industry.

We worked on Hengu’s transferable skills and a suitable CV, presenting him as a specialist investigator to a very niche portion of the New Zealand market, with a limited scope of suitable roles, and very high expectations and requirements.

This was challenging, to say the least.

We also re-purposed Hengu’s LinkedIn Profile similarly, aligning his interests with those targeted potential employers, and putting him in contact with only certain potential employers and a niche, targeted set of potential jobs in a highly competitive and regulated market.

Soon, Hengu had action on his LinkedIn profile – as a result of targeting and started getting invitations and attention from interested parties worldwide!  This was a result of the targeted optimisation of his LinkedIn Profile.

Hengu’s partner soon received a work visa for New Zealand, and subsequently Hengu received a partner visa.

Hengu then set his eye on a prestigious position at the New Zealand Independent Police Conduct Authority – no residence or citizenship required – although the requirements and expectations for an investigator with such a prestigious entity was just astonishing…

With ease, confidence and patience, Hengu navigated all the batteries of tests, several rounds of interviews and more assessments, and made it through – to a job offer with a prestigious New Zealand institution, known for its prestige, high standards and respected in our communities.

Hengu says, “Thank you, you have changed our lives”.

Small words, big impact…

Gold medal Hengu!

You have truly gone one step further than a job at the already respected New Zealand Police – to a role where you are now a guardian of freedom, justice and fairness – the IPCA.

Carry this role with pride and be proud of your incredible achievement.  Your accomplishment speaks of the depth of your character and your resolve to always improve and grow.

Enjoy New Zealand!

Hengu Williamse

Snr. Case Resolutions Officer

South Africa


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